Why Choose Us 

One fine day, this dairy company show up to our office in Port Klang by surprise. Came and ask to rent a generator due to their old generator is not strong enough to provide power supply to their lorry. For what we did on our side will be choosing a suitable generator to help them to produce enough power for their food truck. Therefore our technician choose the suitable generator for their truck, so after choosing the correct generator, our technician carry out our generator and proceed for testing power supply to the food truck. It took some time to get it perfectly testing the generator with the food truck. To test the power supply, after the truck was connected to the generator, they turn on their ice cream machine and waited it to process the ice cream. After looking at our hard work, they make a few ice cream for our technician and us to test it. Their company dairy really taste good, we also thank them for choosing us when their generator had problem. They believe us as we currently have the good quality generator choice in our company. Our company had many choices of generator, we also provide professional opinion to our customer and also we help to solve every problem they are facing. Along the way we help a lot of company through total power, transport, technician installation, and service maintenance. We always maintain our professionalism. We Mega Genset Malaysia guaranty that our product and services will always be the best choice for our customer.