One fine day, on 18th December, one customer suprised us by walk-in to our company to rental a generator. At that time, we welcomed them with open hand also give them all the information about generator that they need. They also ask us about generator that suitable to their uses. For that, with our opinion we suggested to them 13 kVA generator because their uses not too much watt they want to use. So in 30 minutes, we provided them with all the information related with the generator they want. They decided to rent for one month or two. So, we prepared the invoice to make the payment for deposit rental and they paid with our new transaction by plug and pay machine. So this transaction is new for our company started last week. So this machine makes more easier for our costumers to make a payment without go any bank to make instant transfer. After the payment made, they continued with the date to we deliver to them. Then, the order confirmed and we prepared the delivery order to make the delivery to their place. So after all things settled, they left with the happy face because they got the best service from us.

They looked around the generator to choose which one to be their choice. And also asked us the questions that they did not know about generator. So, after they took a look to all the generators in showroom and in behind our company too. Then, they decided to rent the generator. And by that day, we prepare the Delivery Order and the Invoice at the same time to make their work more easy. About 20 minutes, we discussed with them and all the transactions are done. And finally, they really satisfied with our service fast and tidy in our works. For the others, don’t miss chance to cooperate this company to rent or buy generator. Kindly, we will fulfill your desire to have the generator for your home and your company. Thank you for visiting us.

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