Our Genset Rental Experience With A Money Changer Shop Lot

We provide generator rentals for shops and businesses for emergency purposes. There are times where TNB will require a maintenance shut down in certain areas. However, some businesses will still require electricity to run their business. The 13kVA German Generator is exactly what we offered recently to enable our customer’s business continuity.

The 13kVA German Generator

The 13kVA German Generator can support about 13 amperes of 3 phase electricity. This translates to about 38 amperes of single electricity which can power a significant portion of electrical appliances in your shop.

Examples of equipment it can power include: money counting machines, fans, computers and a single horsepower air condition.

What is different about our German Generator and ordinary generators?

German generators are designed to run reliably and long hours. Ordinary generators are not designed to last. It also comes with high quality sockets which are water resistant.