Recently, we had a client that had been looking for a genset to power their truck which had a large LED monitor that would be used as a small outdoor cinema. They were looking for it all over the Klang Valley and needed one genset urgently as the event that they are doing was the very next day! No one had a generator ready on such short notice. Lucky for him, he called us! A wise decision indeed.

They needed to power one large monitor as well as one 2.5hp air conditioner, they were unsure how much power they need and after coming to our office and consulting with our technicians, we have provided him with an ultra-portable 13kVA genset that was made from Germany. The Germany gensets have a reputation to be reliable as well as durable. With the proposed genset, they happily aggreed and brought it to their event.

The event went smoothly for them, thanks to our Endress ESE 1306 that was able to get the job done effectively. If it wasn’t for us, they might have not be able to host their event and we are very glad to be able to help our clients as well as potential clients to cater to their needs as best as we could. I guess you could say we are the light at the end of the tunnel.

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