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We provide sale of MGM Generator Mark 12 in Malaysia and recently we have expanded to include East Malaysia & Worldwide shipping . As long as your country can be reached by a ship, we will ship it for you there. Take advantage of the low Malaysian Ringgit Currency now so that you can buy it at an affordable rate!

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Generator For Homes

MGM Generators are affordable price and reliable genset . With our famous Automatic Transfer Switches, it allows the genset to switch on and changeover whenever main power fails. Our generator will start its engines automatically and supply the electricity to your house. When mains power comes back on, the genset will shut itself off. No human intervention required and you can continue to enjoy air conditioning in the middle of the night without even realizing that there was a power outage.

Generator For Businesses

MGM Generators are suitable for every business such as durian farm, events and concert . We provide generator for sale from 6kVA until 350kVA . With our Oversight Module you can be accessed via tablet or smartphone apps via a user-friendly interface to allows you to check your access critical notifications, identity faults, and system status, in terms to reduce your operation and maintenance costs and increase the productivity of production . So easily for you to ensure the generator maintain in good conditions.

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Editor’s Recommendation:

Generator sets are now more widely used than before in Malaysia. You may think that Malaysia is a place which is well connected to the electricity grid. However there is still a vast population especially in the rural areas who do not have such access. As a result, they depend on candles and sunlight for light. Now, with our 28kVA MGM Generator? Which we have managed to price it affordably. electricity and light can be brought to all areas in Malaysia. With the advancement of technology, gensets are now cheaper, safer and more reliable than before. Get in touch with Mega Genset Malaysia for a better communication.

Here are our recommendations for your Home or Business Generators:

1. 15kVA MGM Generator : Versatile, small sized suitable for critical appliances in your premise

2. 30kVA MGM Generator : Get this for larger homes and is suitable for normal shop lots. Also suitable for construction site cabins.

3. 60kVA MGM Generator : This is for large homes and villas, shop lots , construction sites and machinery.