Mobile Generator Sets For Events, Dinner & Parties


We provide generator set rentals for events that are temporary in time and do not need a permanent fix of a generator and also mobile to shift it around. We can now cater for these kind of events so that you do not need to worry about security, diesel, and standby person because it will mostly come with this already included.



Generator Sizes Available

For mobile truck generators, we usually have sizes of 200kVA, 300kVA, 500kVa and 1000kVA. These sizes will be able to supply electricity to most kind of events. You will usually need to use your own cables and Distribution Boards, however you can rent it from us if you do not have one.



Types Of Events

In the past, our experience had been in wedding events, dinner events, school sports events and even ministerial events which involve politicians.


Should you require such generators, contact us to get a free quote.