Providing You Power While You Maintain Switchgears

It is near the holidays and it is time for your factory to perform routine electrical maintenance to your equipments. Switchgears, circuit breakers, main switch boards, essential main switch boards (EMSB) all require to be lubricated, wires tightened and cleaned. All is ready except there will not be power supply when your maintenance works are carried out. Who do you look for?

This is where we, Genset Malaysia comes in to fill the power gap from the time your maintenance schedule starts until you finish your works and the maintenance shutdown ends. We have performed many such works over the years, hence we are one of of the preferred vendors to perform such works. Why is this the case? The answer is the methodology, people and equipments.

How do we do it?

First of all, we will come over to your site to evaluate the possible scenarios, anticipate troubles and solutions on how to overcome them. Because we have done them before, we know what to expect during a maintenance shut down. We will discuss with your team members, have a look at the existing switchboards and find out where to locate our machines and equipments when we arrive.

Secondly, we will finalize the date, then we will come earlier than the required time to prepare, test and lay cables.

We will then arrange manpower and labour to ensure round the clock monitoring so that if anything were to happen we can respond immediately which is rare.

Finally, we will commence the job at your required date and time and ensure our logistics are smooth such as fuel monitoring, labour watching and electricity supply monitoring.

Sounds simple? Not Quite.

While it does sound simple, there are many ground works which we need to prepare and we will have several meetings with our own team to ensure smoothness on your end. This is the backend stuff which we will take care of.


In conclusion, you can rest assure that we take maintenance shut down jobs seriously. We will do the works until it is successful.