How Transfer Switch Works

The video above shows how a Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) works

The Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) also known as a Power Transfer Switch, is a safer way to use a standby generator. The ATS is connected and installed to the main electrical panel of a home. It allows a power transfer between a primary source (Tenaga Nasional Berhad in Malaysia) with a secondary primary source (which is the standby generator) when the primary power supply is interrupted. When electricity interruption occurs, the ATS will isolate the electrical panel from the main incoming supply and connects it with the standby generator.

The wiring of the generator output is fed into the main circuit breaker. It can also be modified in such a way that the generator only powers certain important circuits because it is likely that the generator may not be able to support the entire main circuit’s requirement.

The ATS is also a safety feature which ensures there is no “reverse supply” where the generator supplies electricity into the grid. This may be fatal to electricians working on repairing the grid. Therefore the ATS option is essential for standby generators.