The generator which use petrol as fuel to run the engine known as portable generator. Portable generator are used for providing temporary source. It is easy to carried out anywhere from one place to another and very lightweight due to the size of generator. This generator need petrol to convert from chemical energy to mechanical energy. This 6kVA generator are suited for mini home and small office where power outage commonly occur.

6kVA generator is well design and the dimension is 78.6 x 57.0 x 60 which is very small to place it anywhere you want. It has a battery to start the engine and using a petrol to run the engine. This generator at 97dB silence would not disturb your events.

J&T Express rent from us to ensure there is no power shortage at the warehouse because there is a lot of parcel they need to dispatch out immediately. They rent this 6kVA genset for 2 days because of they get a notify from TNB their area will have black out in anytime of this 2days. We give them plastic socket type for safety reason so that it is water resistant and can support higher ampere to prevent fire hazard.

J&T Express also self pick up the genset and the return back with full satisfaction using our service. If you have any question please do get in touch with us