Genset Training Course Malaysia

We provide training courses on site for our customers who require them. This will include classroom training and on-site training. This kind of training is useful for customers who already possess a generator but would like to know how to operate and maintain them so that their generators can last a long time. The genset training will be applicable of genset sizes for the MGM Generators and other genset sizes from 6kVA to 1250kVA

Photo above: Training session by MGM Staff on the ATS Panel

Reasons Why Generator Training Is Important

Gensets used to be complicated to operate where there are many dangerous components because it involves the rotary parts of the engine and electricity components which can cause injury or death if one do not know what you should and should not do. For example, if one were to touch the Bus Bar of the Generator while it is running, a 240V may shock the person. This is because the path to least resistance of the electricity will now be the person touching it, hence electricity will pass through the human body, causing injury. However, if one were to learn the ways of operating a generator, he or she would know the dangerous parts of the generator and best practices to do when maintaining a generator. Genset trainings are suitable for Backup Generators and Prime Running Generators.

Photo above: Genset training on the maintenance and operation

What Will I Learn In A Generator Training Course

As aforementioned, gensets are complicated machines. However, we have made generators simple to understand and operate by simplifying the principles of electricity making. In addition, we also designed our in-house generators known as the MGM Generators to be easy to operate and maintain. We do this through years of Research and Development and through the aid of computer chips.

The basics of the generator course that you will learn is the way to operate and maintain the genset. Operating would mean best practices to do before starting the engine. For example, checking the lubricant oil level and water level before starting the engine. As for maintaining, we will let you know how to check for the lubricant quality, how to change the consumables and how to visually inspect for potential dangers.


Generator training is a skillset that every generator operator and Owner should have. They do not need to know the technical details of it but should at least know the common sense methods of operating the Genset. Contact us if you would like to have one at your premise or to come over to our place to have a short lesson on this.

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