What is a Welding Generator?

Welding Generator is a generator that creates power for welding without relying on main electricity. Just by simply filling up the tank and run it, it will provide electricity to the welding equipment, thus it is widely used in construction site, farm, offshore and much more as those places have little to no access to electricity.

2 guy welding

Advantages of Welding Generator

Other than using for welding equipment, welding generator can be as a stand-off generator. When the welding equipment is not at use, this generator can power up other thing such as the light, tools and other else. You can directly plug in the tools that is required and use normally. Other than that, due to welding generator can be used as welding machine and also back up generator.

Differences and Similarities Between Welding Generator and Normal Generator

The main purpose of these 2 generator is different, for welding generator, it is mostly used for welding purpose, meanwhile normal generator mostly used for alternative way to get power or used as back-up power. However, both of them are capable to run as alternative power source or back-up power. Welding Generator are mostly used in industry sector such as farms, construction site etc. Meanwhile normal generator are found everywhere, including shop lots, houses, markets, hospital etc.


Both welding generator and normal generator are powerful, but both of them have different uses in different situation. But welding generator is the best choice for the one that requires welding machine and a generator.

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