Stamford Alternators Are Available In Malaysia

There are many brands of alternators in the market. Alternators typically come from different countries and each country have their own design. The Italians use Meccalte, Linz or Marelli. However the British started the Stamford altnerator brand which is a small town in Britain. Despite the size of the town, it is a world class alternator by standards because of the Mergers and Acquisitions that it performed and also the long history of Research & Development since the 1930s. As a result, we now have an alternator that can handle thermistor loads, transient loads and will last you long despite having unbalanced loads.

Also note that Stamford-AVK is now under the Cummins brand umbrella which means they are in the same group. You can be sure that the quality provided is excellent.

If you would like to know more or obtain a Stamford alternator, contact us to procure one today! Also we have generators that are paired with Stamford alternators and you should insist on it when you buy from us.

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