We supply new and used generators for various type of customers. Our brand is MGM, is our own design brand generator. Most of the customers will consult us for which genset suitable for them. Our generators best selling points are the reliability and affordability genset. We are proud to say that we do helped a lot of customers to save money by proposing the correct brand and type of generators to our customers. Besides, we provide servicing and repairing of the generator too. We are doing prime mover generator servicing and supply generator for prime mover truck. Our company has over 7 years of experience in this industry hence for sure we are improving year by year to make sure that we supply the best quality generator to our customers.

Benefits Of New And Used Generator

A lot of customer don't know whether to look for new generator or used generator. Most of them will pick up a used generator due to its cheaper price. However, what they don't know is that used generator has higher fuel consumption as compared to a new unit. Usually we will recommend our customer to take MGM new generator, as our generators are designed to be fuel-efficient genset as compared to other brand. Some used units may have a well-maintained on the look, but some of them will need extra cost to beautify it.

Besides that, for used unit generators usually were other brand, their used unit price are higher than our new unit MGM generator. Using the same amount to purchase new unit that will be the best choice. New generators are much more fuel saving than used unit. For example like new car and old car, eventually new cars are more fuel saving compare to old car.  A lot of customer didn't see for long term. Yes, you are purchasing the used unit for cheaper price, but did you know for long term operation, the fuel cost will add up to a big amount? This is why we encourage customer to purchase new unit instead of used unit. We always help customer to plan long term instead of short term.

We will recommend which is the most suitable genset to our customer but we also do respect them on their decision. Therefore, we always will let our customer know what are the pro and con for used unit, and make comparison on both genset to let customer know what is the best for them. Why our MGM generators are the best choice for all of our customer? Because our MGM generators are specially design for easy to operate and easy to self maintain. Our best selling points will be fuel saving and easy to operate.

Need A New Generator?