Site Visiting

Before delivery our technician will go over to site, to do planning on how can the lorry go into the car park or can the height of the entrance barrel fit the lorry. If it doesn't fit, our technician will find other way to bring in the genset. We will always ensure that the genset will be placed where the customer wants and will make sure the place they want is suitable for genset and can keep the genset safe. Most of our customer purchase the genset as back up genset

Should you place your generator in a car park?

Yes, you should place your generator at the car park. Our 100kVA MGM Generators are suited to be placed in car parks because they have reasonably lower height to accommodate the car park lot's height. See the video below.

Video of Genset Placement

Of course our genset can place at the car park. This is one of our customer that request to place the genset in the car park lot. Usually our technician will go for site visit on the genset placement. They will anticipate on how to genset the genset in, how to place it and etc.

Our technician will make sure that the genset is in correct place and proper placement. Our technician will be there to supervise on the genset placement to make sure during moving or shifting will not have any problem.

If you have a shop lot which requires a generator, contact us now below. If you can't wait, WhatsApp us or call us during office hours.