Generator for Carnival Grounds

Theme parks often require a Generator to ensure that there is power even when the Mains TNB fails. This is to ensure safety and prevent loss of revenue should a power outage occur. The generators suitable for theme parks typically are the 100kVA, 250kVA and 350kVA Generators. Contact us so we can advise you properly.

In a theme park, there are many ride such as Rollglider, Sky Swatter, Power Surge, Space Shot, Bumper cars and etc. which required a lot of electrical energy to operate it. Playground is a kid’s “heaven” and a good place for families and friends to visit as well as increase their relationship. On the other hand, it will become a disaster if there are any shortage of electricity or power cut during the carnival is ongoing. The safety of the customers would be affected as all the machine will be stop when the power outage happen.

Especially when the tourist was stuck in a very high position on the rides, most of them would feel panic and cause accident to occur if they are being to nervous and moving around. Because of this incident has happen throughout the year when the first playground was created, some people had influence by the incidents that happened in history to not utilize any rides that they think is not safe for them.

This can cause customer dissatisfaction and loss of customer flow which are disadvantages for the company. To avoid this to happen, the company need to consider having a backup generator to resupply power to all the machine in Carnival Grounds when there is power shortage. We have small size of MGM Generator which there are 15kVA, 30kVA and 60kVA as well as medium size.

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Additional features for Generator

We have extra function for MGM Generator which can greatly improve your experience when using our product. Firstly, we have a function where the genset from our company will run automatically when power cut happen. This is very useful for theme park machine due to the workers would not need to physically go to check the power supply which are wasting of time. Not only that, this function also can prevent human error like misconfigure the power system. Picture below shown is the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) which will perform the Automatic Changeover of power source when main power fail.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

Next, we are proudly to say that Mega Genset is the first company that has genset monitoring system. It is a system that can monitor the generator system with just phone or computers to check important messages, identity errors, and system status. It can also generate reports on amount of fuels left, battery state and exercise schedule. With this features, it can increase productivity of production and reduce maintenance cost.

MGM Oversight Module

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