Keep Machines Running All Time

We are Mega Genset Malaysia, here we sell diesel generators for hospitals, resorts, construction sitesfactories and many more. We have generator size of 100kVA160kVA250kVA and 350kVA for factories which is usually the amount of electricity a factory requires. If you have any questions, you can contact us for our advise.

There is a lot of machines in a paper recycling factory as there is many steps when it comes to recycling paper. Firstly, the machines will use chemicals like caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide to shred and pulp paper into small pieces. Then paper the go through another machine for screening to remove contamination and unwanted substances like plastic films and staples.  After that, the paper is goes through another machine for de-inking to remove the rest of unwanted substances like glue and ink. Following that, the paper is brought to another machine for bleaching, it uses chemicals like hydrogen peroxide to remove dye and increase brightness, purity and whiteness of the paper. Later the paper pieces is sprayed onto wire screens and sent through numbers of heated rolling machines to remove all water and wound into a giant roll. Lastly, the rolled paper is cut into different sizes using different machines. All of the steps is done with different machine shows how much a paper recycling factory relies on their machinery. Therefore if any power outage occur, it will completely shut down the recycling process. But this can be prevented by having a generator, it can be a full use generator or a backup generator with ATS, Automatic Transfer Switch.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

ATS is a smart device that will automatically start the generator whenever the main power source fail. It is connected with the generator and main power source using signal wires and power cable. Whenever it detects a power outage, it will automatically send a signal to start the generator within seconds. This device can also be used as an automatic changeover for two generators. For example, generator 1 runs for 12 hours then the ATS can changeover to generator 2 for the next 12 hours, so that both generators is running and resting 12 hours. On top of that, we have an oversight module for user to monitor and control their generator real-time.

Generator Oversight Module

We also have smaller generators like 30kVA and 60kVA which is enough to power a section of machine. For example, the de-inking and bleaching machine as these machine uses chemicals so it won’t be a good idea to just leave them during a power outage.

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