How to operate MGM generators

Here at Mega Genset Malaysia, we offer gensets for sales and rentals. Our gensets ranging from 15kVA and above operate using a Smartgen Genset Controller. It is a standard among all MGM genset. The basics of operating MGM gensets will be similar throughout all the range of our gensets. Enjoy this short informative video to familiarize yourself with our gensets.

We hope you enjoyed and understand the basics of operating MGM gensets. The Smartgen Genset Controller is not only used by Mega Genset generators, other brands of gensets utilizes the Smartgen or similarly operating genset controllers. The modern gensets will have  wiring and circuitry prepared for an industry standard genset controller. Therefore, familiarizing with how to start MGM generators will also benefit for starting other gensets using Smartgen or a different brand of genset controllers.