First, why should you get a Generator.

A Genset for homes are usually standby generators. This means that they come online whenever there is a power failure from your Mains Power. It is important now to get one because of weather uncertainties, political instability and self survivalism.

We understand that there will always be the question of: ” Is it worthwhile to buy back up genset for house?” . Of course generator is worth your money, because a generator helps during electric blackouts which can prevent your fish from dying when there is an electric shut down where pumps would not work. Also Malaysia’s weather really hot, we all are so use to fan or air condition. Generator can helps us with all these benefit without letting us suffer from heat and also preventing your food from spoiling that is inside the fridge.

Our 15kVA generator is enough to power up single story or double story house. Our generator also has additional Automatic Transfer Switch item. The job of the ATS is to send signal to the genset to start, when ATS detect the electric cut off. Having ATS really convenient to power up your house when the TNB electric cut off, it will automatic turn on the genset without needing you to go to the genset manually to turn on after having electric cut off.


ATS will be connecting to your house DB Box. So when your main power cut off, the DB Box will send signal to ATS then ATS will send the signal to genset and get it start. If without ATS, you will need to manually power on the genset to start it. We will connect all the cables to where it belongs, therefore we also will test run the genset and test the ATS function as well.


Our 30kVA generator can power up double story and bungalow. This is our previous customer bought 30kVA genset as back up electric for his bungalow. Our genset smart controller can do setting to start it once a week for 5 minutes. The generator will need to run once in a while to prevent the engine getting rusty. Our genset using smartgen controller. There are many setting we can set in the controller. We can set once a week auto start to run 5 minutes and auto turn off after 5 minutes run. Our gensets are very convenient and easy to use by beginner.


Did you know? This generator worth our money in many ways. One of them, CAN SUPPLY FOR YOUR CABIN IN THE WOODS! Which is you don’t have to do wiring for your lovely cabin, but otherwise can put our generator to supply electricity for the cabin. This generator can runs around 12 hours maximum power. So, really really worth the money! No need to pay the bills every month while you can enjoy your things without any hesitate about the main power might fails during ongoing works. So, it might be expensive at first time but it will worth at last. Also, the service also can do by your own self, because our generator is so easy to service and very efficient. So don’t waste money on something never last longer, but waste it on something useful in future! Cheers!

Our Genset Definitely Worth The Money! Don’t wait, contact us now!

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