Transporting Your Generator Safely

Mega Genset Malaysia provides the best transportation of generators to allow a smile and satisfaction on our customer face. Generators convert fuel, such as gasoline or diesel, into electricity that can power your machines and enable you to complete your work. However, you’ll need to take some safety measures when moving your generator to and from the site to avoid mishaps or harm to the generator. Mega Genset Malaysia has provided this manual for transporting your generator safely. Come to us if you need to rent a generator because we are situated in Malaysia to best serve our clients!

Prepare For Transport

Before we load up your generator, make sure it is ready to go. The fuel valve should be closed if the machine is not running, so make sure it is. Since fuel will enter the crankcase and thin out your engine oil, we will not keep it on. Give the generator around twenty minutes to cool down if you’ve just used it before transporting it. Use the machine’s handholds to help maintain its upright position because tipping it over could cause more harm than just fuel spilling on the ground. Each generator is unique and has its own set of recommended maintenance duties and safety protocols. To learn what each model requires and when, read the owner’s manual.

During Transport

We will strap the generator to the truck bed or moving it into a trailer. In either case, we cover it to shield it from harm. Put it upright and use tie-down straps or bungee cords to secure it so that it won’t move while being transported. To prevent the generator from rolling about, lock the wheels. Nothing should be placed on the generator. We travel at a constant speed and  not braking abruptly enough to cause the object to tip over in the trailer or truck bed. We provide various types of transportation in Malaysia. For example, ship to Sabah and Sarawak, lorry and lorry crane.

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