Power Generator Malaysia

Energy is a fundamental resource and nowadays we are completely dependent on it to be able to do thecommon tasks of everyday life, to get work, and to keep the equipment running, 

To overcome as energy failures, since the electrical systems easy to imply , the generators are used to minimize these faults. In this way, it ensures a continuous supply of energy to supply our customer needs.

And where is the power generator usually used?

It is very common to find at :

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Industries / Companies
  • Events

The main components of an electric generator can be classified :

  • Engine
  • Alternator
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Battery Charger
  • Control Panel

A Power Generator converts mechanical energy into electricity. Typically, the power generator is driven by an engine and more often than not it is an internal combustion engine. It produces electricity by having a tightly wound metal core spinning around large magnets. Each time these wires interact with the magnets, it will interact with the electron to induce a flow of electric current in it.

When the conductor coils are spun at high speeds, there will be a powerful flow of electricity and this is where we will ask you how much power do you need. Typically the power required will be in the form of kVA. So don’t be surprised if a Genset seller asks you how much kVA do you require. The higher the kVA, the larger the magnet and conductor coils, hence the size of the engine required to turn the coils.

Industrial Generator

  • Industrial applications of generators are very different from  small applications. Industrial generators or large commercial generators need to be more robust and rugged and to perform under rough condition.

Standby Generator

  •   Standby generators serve the purpose of switching on automatically when  power fails.

Portable Generator 

  • Portable generators are handy during natural disasters or calamities when grid power breaks down.

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