Service Your Generator

Servicing your genset regularly is important. Why? Because it will brings advantages for you. By servicing your genset 1 to 3 times per year, it will expand the lifespan of your genset. Furthermore, it will also save your money in long term. However, a daily-use generator should more often service than a back up generator.

Do you know what is the way to service a genset?

genset maintenance

How ?

In order to service your genset, there are some components that you have to check:

  • First, change the lubricant oil. Make sure the oil level is filled until the recommend level. Measure it by using dip stick.
  • Change air filter. A dirty filter may decrease the performance of generator.
  • Replace oil filter. It is required when you are changing the oil so that the new oil is filtered by a clean filter.
  • Test your battery. Use battery tester to test the battery power level. It should be replaced if the power level is low.
  • Change spark plug after around 100 hours usage or once a year. Make sure the spark plug is not cracked.

Lastly, make sure the genset is always clean. This will ensure the efficiency of the generator.


In short, it is required to service and perform maintenance for the generator especially for daily-use genset. As mentioned above, it brings some benefits such as increase generator’s lifespan and save your money in long term. We Mega Genset Malaysia provide genset servicing for our customers. If you need more information, feel free to contact us.