Why Backup Generators ?

Backup generators for vaccination centres can prevent the vaccines from spoilage by keeping the coolers running when the power is down. In Malaysia, thunderstorms are relatively the common cause of power outage amongst floods and other disasters. These disasters can cause power outages in some buildings or areas. During a power outage, the coolers containing the vaccines may be inoperable which will result in the vaccines spoiling.

We provide Backup Generators for Vaccination Distribution Centres, also known as Pusat Pemberian Vaksin (PPV). We supplied our 60kVA generator to Hospital Tunku Ampuan Rahimah as shown in the photo below to ensure they have power at all times. The backup Generator will startup automatically whenever TNB fails.

There are various vaccines for covid-19 such as Pfizers, AstraZeneca and Sinovac just to name a few of the common vaccines distributed in Malaysia. These 3 vaccines named previously have different requirements for storage with Pfizer required to store in a freezer and AZ to be stored in a refrigerator for example.

In the events of a power outage at the vaccine distribution centre, the appliances will turn off as it does not have electricity. However, with a backup generator, the freezers or refrigerators can maintain in operation to preserve the vaccines. With the ATS ( Automatic Transfer Switch ) installed, the generator will automatically power on when it detects power outages.


If you are running a vaccination distribution centre, we highly recommend our generators with ATS to keep the appliances running and worry free whenever a power outage occurs. Reach out to us from the contacts provided above for more information !