Genset for Medical Equipment

Mega Genset Malaysia is providing generators to hospital and medical centers as a backup power supply for the building. These MGM generator are reliable and is powerful enough to provide electricity to be used for wards, emergency room, X-ray and so on. The power supply for the medical equipment such as oxygen machine and defibrillator is extremely important.

Patients rely on the oxygen machine to obtain enough oxygen supply for themselves. Besides, defibrillator are often used to restore normal rhythm of the heart when the patient is suffering from situations such as cardiac arrhythmias or tachycardia. These medical equipment are needed to be supplied with stable power to ensure that the machines is able to work during emergencies.

Therefore, having a backup generator in a hospital is important so that the machines can still be functioning while there is a power outage. With the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), the generator is able to start working itself and generate electricity to be used for the equipment almost immediately when there is a power failure. Watch how ATS works here. The operating noise of our canopy type genset is also relatively lower and hence it can be used in the hospital.

Easy to Operate and Control

With the smart controller on our genset, it makes it easier to operate as compared to the generators from other brands. Besides that, the mobile app that we developed can help the users to troubleshoot most of the problem they faced while using our generator. The mobile app also have step-by-step instruction for the maintenance and service of the generators. Our company also provide maintenance service to our customers when needed. The maintenance kits for that are needed for servicing can be obtained from our online shop.

Other than ATS, we have another add-on for our customers to choose while buying generators from us, which is the Oversight Module. The users are able to monitor:

  • Engine oil pressure 
  • Engine RPM (Revolutions per Minute)
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Compartment temperature
  • Generator voltage and amperage
  • Remote operation and control 
  • Remotely set conditional exercise cycles
  • Customize automated reports & alerts
  • GPS location tracking to keep tabs on your equipment
  • View current generator status and upcoming maintenance need

Therefore, the Oversight Module is very useful and we recommend our customers to have this add-on. The user can use this module to track the health of their generators and they could know the when is the time to do maintenance.

Watch the Importance of having a Backup Generator in Hospital


These generators can also be used as a main power supply as the generator can operate for 12 hours continuously. Hence, you’ll need two of these generators to be used as the primary power supply for your building to operate alternately, so you can have 24 hours of power supply. Get yourself a backup generator now to ensure that you still have power supply during power outage. Please visit our online shop if you are interested in getting yourself a generator. We have a wide variety of generators that are suitable for both industrial and home use.