Need A Generator For Your Site Cabin Or Holiday Cabin? Look No Further Because We Specialize In Such Generator Solutions!


Site cabins whether they are for office use or accommodation purposes, would usually require air conditioning, lights and possibly computers.

For a typical 20 footer length cabin with 1 unit of air conditioning and several fluorescent lights and 2 units of computers, i would normally recommend a 15kVA generator with sockets. This will allow you to power your cabin comfortably and allow you to use power tools and high pressure wash on the outside by plugging your equipment directly into the generator.

Generators are meant to be robust and versatile, hence our MGM Generator series fit this requirement because we carefully choose reliable engines and fit it with quality components to ensure long lasting use while ensuring safety features to be in place.

The safety features which I am talking about are the overspeed/underspeed, overvoltage/undervoltage and various other safety features which will automatically shut down the generator should the dangerous parameters be exceeded. Therefore you can rest assure that you will be getting a quality generator from us.

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