Self Service Your Own Generator | MGM Genset Malaysia

Service Period

Our generators are known as simple self service genset. Our generators design are meant to be easy to change those filters by yourself. Also cost saving, we do provide basic service kits and premium service kits.

For backup genset service period will be around 5-6 months, full service once. Full service include changing air filter, oil filter, fuel filter and lubricant oil.

For daily use genset service period will be around 2-3 months. Other than that will also need to check for the radiator water level and lubricant oil level once in a while. To make sure that all under normal level, and maintain good condition for the genset

Basic Service Kit  &  Premium Service Kit

We have two kind of service kit for customer to purchase. Listed as BASIC SERVICE KIT and  PREMIUM SERVICE KIT. Our basic service kit  for 25kVA generator set that have air filter, oil filter and fuel filter. We have service kit set for different kVA generators.  Therefore for our premium service kit  for 25kVA generator set that have air filter, oil filter, fuel filter and lubricant oil (liters depends on genset size).

We have service kit sets for different kVA generator. This premium service kit is extra convenient for customer to do full service for their genset.  Because they don't need to worry where to get the lubricant oil or what kind of lubricant oil to use.

MGM Apps

Customers can just buy the service kits from us and do the service by themselves. Our gensets are really easy to operate and maintain. For those customers that were further away had the benefits for purchasing service kits from us.

We have two different kind of service kits that customer can choose from. For customer who buy the service kit from us, we will teach them what is the correct way to self service the genset, such as how to change oil filter and etc. We will guide customer step by step for the service.

Our priority is always to help customer to solve their needs. We have a MGM Application for customer to download, there are many information regarding genset in the Apps, include step by step for service maintenance.

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