Thinking of Buying a Reconditioned Engine and Coupling It Yourself To Your Alternator? Think Again!

It’s common for people to believe that they should repair whatever they’ve got at their backyard or stores so that they can make full use of it. While this kind of mentality may be true in the past, it is no longer so today. This is because engines are becoming affordable and they are now disposed when condemned instead of repaired. Did you know that some engines are made automatically in a factory without human intervention? Imagine robots assembling the engine blocks, pistons, piston rings, crank shafts and more just by following a sequence of commands and codes? There is minimal supervision in the construction of engines.

Besides, engines these days are not built to last. They are built to a certain lifespan, say 10 years, then they are destined to be replaced by newer engines. Engines in the past have parts mostly made in steel. These days it’s steel plus aluminum for parts such as pistons so they are lighter, hence more fuel efficient. They are also electronically controlled to ensure precision spray of fuel in the nozzles.

That’s why I’m saying, why repair your generators, when newer ones are getting affordable?

Smart Controller

Another point you should notice is that newer engines use computer systems to control its engine and alternator. The engine has an ECU and is connected to the Genset controller such as the Smartgen or Deep Sea Electronics Controller. Hence when a fault such as a fan belt breaks, the genset will automatically sense it and shuts down the engine to prevent overheating, hence costly damage. A fan belt typically costs RM50, but if the engine keeps running without a fan belt, the engine overheats, gasket melts, water leaks, piston knocks and crankshaft also receives damage. Imagine the cost of damages just because of a RM50 fan belt. It’s totally not worth investing in repairing your old generators.

Oh, did I mention that newer engines are more fuel efficient, regardless of their brand? Not many people know this, but chinese engines these days are mostly copied around, hence they also enjoy the efficiencies in fuel combustion that their counterparts enjoy. Whether it’s Cummins, Perkins, Yangdong or Quan Chai, they are getting closer to each other in terms of fuel consumption.

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