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Diesel Generator – How to Determine the Perfect Size

The productivity of a facility would have electricity as one of its variables of dependency.?For an efficient production rate, you need to purchase a perfectly sized generator.? If you choose a wrong size, then it will not do you any good?and it may cause your tools to be damaged due to the under-current conditions it is running at . These are a few?important things to take note before you purchase a generator.

Generator size varies:

There are different types of applications for different?capacities?of a generator. For example:

  • Generators with a capacity of 5kw-50kw power supply (applications are mainly used in homes and market)
  • Generators with a capacity of 50kw-3 megawatt power supply (applications are sometimes used in industries)
  • There are also some handy and movable generators available (applications for small offices and homes)

Choosing the right generator size:

Some people think small sized generators are ideal for standby electric power. This is a mistake?when selecting a generator because an under-powered?generator will not only cause damage to the generator, but it can also cause damage to the device connected. Thus, it hampers the productivity of the user.


Things to lookout for when selecting a generator:

If you want to buy the correct generator size, you need to remember some important points:

  • All the tools connected with generator should be listed down one by one on a piece of paper or spreadsheet.
  • Note the starting power and running power required for each device. The running power?and starting power can be found in the identification plate or in the manual kit of the tool. Starting power is the power required to start the device. This is usually higher than the running power because it takes more current to start a motor from stationary into motion because it needs power to build momentum.

If you do not have a?manual for your equipments, use google to look for the equipment’s estimated power consumption. Often it is called power consumption chart. In this chart you can get all important information about power supply.

The benefits of choosing a correctly?sized generator:

A perfect sized generator has following benefits

  • You will not face any unwanted system failure
  • No capacity overloads which causes shut down
  • Increases longevity of a generator
  • Ensures best performance
  • Smooth maintenance
  • No chance of device damage
  • Guarantee of personal safety

The best place to buy diesel engine:

Choosing a reliable diesel generator supplier is utmost important.? Make sure the supplier is?experienced and is able to advise you to buy the generator you need. This kind of supplier will ensure you buy what you need at a reasonable price. An honest supplier will not overcharge you on the generator you purchase.

Generator suppliers should be:

  • Experienced in the generator supplying field
  • Provide a reliable service
  • The technicians and mechanics are competent
  • Their?tools and equipment are reliable and safe. For example the load bank used to test the generator.
  • The staffs are helpful
  • Price is competitive

Size selection relies on the environmental condition, type of production, supplies and devices powered by the generator. So you should remember all these things when you need to purchase.

Therefore if you are looking for a generator supplier, look no further. Contact us now and we can supply the generator you need at competitive prices! (Provided we have stocks but even if we don’t, we can recommend you one)