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Genset Malaysia provides Rental and Salesof Diesel Generators to the Oil & Gas sector, Construction, Dinner & Daytime Events and many other industries. Our main purpose is to ensure business continuity at your end by providing you with continuous electricity supply through our generators. Our diesel generators have output capacity of 5kVA to 1400kVA. In addition to supplying generators to the shore side, we also cater for the Offshore Industry. Our generators which were supplied to theOil & Gas platforms at mid sea were used topower up the mud pumps.

We have supplied generators from small functions to bigger official events. Our experience includes renting generators for the Malaysian’s minister official events. Please visit our Malaysia Generator Rental page to find out about our services


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Cheaper Than Competitors By 50%
More Features By 75%
Rate Of Returning Customers: 89%

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With the recent falling in Ringgit, we are now pleased to offer our esteemed neighbours the opportunity to take advantage of the weak ringgit in buying generators. Check our Generator Singapore page.

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