Genset For Telecommunication Towers



Telecommunication towers require power so that they can transmit cellular waves from mobile cell phones to the telecommunication server network. Some telecommunication towers are so far that they require repeaters, just like the wireless router repeaters that we can buy off the shelf for our Unifi/Timedotcom internet service. Repeaters allow cellular waves to travel far away from the main server.

Because of the remoteness of the telecommunication towers, they often do not have access to the main power grid. They rely on generators and if the generator is down, you will find that the coverage of telecommunication signal is low or non-existent.

We realize there is this telecommunication generator need in Malaysia, therefore our generators are specially designed for this industry as well. Features such as generator start/stop scheduling, output sockets and ATS are built into our genset systems and we have more features which are not available in normal gensets too, such as a large built in fuel tank and the ability to install external fuel tanks easily to integrate with our generator sets.

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