Backup Genset For Food Processing Plant

Food processing plant requires storage of their food products which often require refrigerators. These reefers require power to keep them running and they usually come from the mains. As a result, there is a risk of electricity blackouts which may cause the perishable foods to go bad, hence there will can be huge monetary losses.

To mitigate these kind of problems, we usually recommend a backup generator. These backup generators may come in various size and we recommend you to check the maximum amperes that you may require before we suggest to you a suitable generator size.

In addition, the food storage would usually be in a shop lot if it is in a small to medium scale or placed in a warehouse if the operations are huge. The backup generator chosen should meet your goals. And your goals could be either:

  1. Power up the entire premise building
  2. Power up only the freezers

These goals are for your backup generators during a blackout.


Power Up The Entire Premise Building

When you choose to power up the entire building with your backup generator, ensure that it is large enough for all your equipment. This is a more complex exercise to undertake because you would need to calculate all your power needs. However, you will be pleased to know that it is easier to install the backup generator for this kind of application compared to the second goal. This is because all you need to do is to connect your mains into the generator and your generator back to the distribution board of your building. No complex wiring required. This method is preferable if you know your load of your building.


Power Up Only Freezers

If you choose to power up only your freezers, we recommend that you do some wiring by connecting the power supply from your mains into the generator and the generator’s output to be connected to your freezers. It is slightly more complex to do the wiring for this kind of purpose. However, you will be rewarded in the sense that you may not need a large generator, hence there will be monetary savings from the generator’s smaller required size.


Therefore you should not lose money in your perishable foods because of electricity blackouts. Losing an entire food storage would well cost you one generator. You might as well buy one generator once and for all. Afterall, this is considered infrastructure spending and is only done once just like how roads, schools and train stations are built. Do it once, and it will last a lifetime.


Backup generators come with Auto Transfer Switch and various other support systems to ensure it will work during blackouts. Be sure to choose the right vendor before undertaking such tasks and ensure the machine is well designed for this kind of operations. You can choose our MGM Generator if you would like a peace of mind.

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