Choosing A Generator With Less Noise

Any unnecessary sound recognized by the sense of hearing is called over sound or noise. Your hearing capability may be lost, if you stay ina noisy place for a long time. Noise is very harmful not only for our environment, but also for industrial workers and residents around it. Therefore measuring noise has now become a new method to help ushavepeace of mind.

The degreeof noise depends on three basic variables which are thesound, path, and receiver. To determine the solution against the noise of certain instruments, all the issues should be determined and the pollution source should be known. Also, you should know about the sound transition path and should be established an acceptable level of noise.

The generator is akind of noise making instruments. So we should also control the degree of sound from generators. Here aresome tips to control the noise of a generator.

Use absorbent materials

It is very important method to control over sound of a diesel generator. Sound wave generally get reflected when they hit on a hard surface and create over sound. By using absorption materials over the hard surface you can reduce reflected sound of most generators. If the generator is placed in a room, then absorbing materials need to place on the ceiling panels, carpets, and special covering materials. By this process reflected sound can be controlled, but the actual sound cannot be controlled.

Most of the sound absorption materials are made with porous materials (different thickness for different materials). These materials can convert sound energy into heat energy. When you choose an absorbent material, you should consider the material with an air channel. The air channel should be opened so that the sound wave can easily enter into the materials. Some materials can be called poor absorber when they have sealed pores. Absorber should always be perforated.

Some key factors should be considered at the time of beginning the evaluation process. The main consideration for these materials is to know about the absorption coefficient. Mathematically, the proportion of absorbed sound energy to the incident sound energy on the given surface is called absorption coefficient. The value of absorption coefficient varies within zero to one. Opened door or window can be used to measure the ratio of the coefficient.

Use sound attenuated enclosures

The noise of the generator can be reduced by using the system. Generally, the generator enclosures made with multi layered composite treatment panels. The panels have an exterior layer and a porous layer for sound absorption. The main absorption layers are impermeable and can block the sound of the generator within enclosed source.

The attenuated can be weatherproof or can be weather proof. If you need to protect the generator from rain and snow, then you should choose the weatherproof enclosures. Also, if you want to protect the generator from extreme heat, precipitation and wind, then you need to choose weatherproof enclosures. It can survive up to 150 mph winds and reliable amount of snow.

To ensure you have a generator with reasonable noise, contact us or purchase the silent canopy generators from us.