Providing Generator Repairs & Maintenance

We Repair Generators!

Our company provides repairs and maintenance for gensets to ensure smooth running of your operations and ensure that you have electricity during blackouts. Our technicians are professional and well trained.

In Every company, workers are our core and important asset. It helps company to overcome and solve problems.

Mega Genset is a company which not only selling the product to the customer. We are more concerned on the after-sale service of our customers. We believe that this is the best connection between company and customer.

Above images show that our technician is fixing a generator which has trouble starting its engines. We solve them by ensuring diesel supply is smooth into the engines. All our professional technician is skillful and experience. The technician will go through a meeting and discussion before proceeding to the destination. During the discussion, it will have a more in-depth understanding of the generator issues and able to fix the generator in a proper way.

We urge our technician to wear a proper suite which help to protect them from injuries. The image show above that our technician will always wear safety tools such as helmet, uniform, rubber boots and much more. We care our customer at the same time we also care our workers safety. Safety is very important to avoid any injuries during service.

Therefore, Mega genset is the best genset company to serve you!