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Frequently Asked Questions

Which generator is suitable for me ?2019-07-17T17:25:12+08:00

Our consultant will provide you all relevant information. But, you have to provide information such as volts and amps of the product used. Other than that, you may describe it to our consultant

What are the rate of renting service ?2019-07-04T12:14:14+08:00

It is very simple, just drop us an email : genset@genset.com.my or whatsapp: 012-9689816 to get better quotation.

What’s special about your generator?2017-02-03T23:20:42+08:00

Our generators are carefully designed to be suitable for all kinds of use. They all come with built in backup features such as as the Automatic Transfer Switch and socket plugs. They are also carefully designed for practical use such as convenient refueling location.

Why is your generator more expensive than some of your competition?2017-02-03T23:21:14+08:00

We hope you have compared an apple to an apple when comparing our prices. Our MGM Generators come with built in ATS and sockets among other add-ons. This feature alone would cost additional RM5,000 if installed seperately. If you add up the add-ons that we include, our generators are cheaper. Also, we specialize only in a few models, therefore our quality control is high and we can assemble them at a lower cost than others due to economies of scale.

Is it difficult to operate your generator?2017-02-03T23:21:35+08:00

Our gensets are designed to be user friendly and no human intervention is required if used as a backup generator. To start the engine, just press the digital start button and to stop, just press the red stop button. As simple as that.

Can I buy your generators online?2017-02-03T23:21:52+08:00

Of course you can. We now accept PayPal payments for your convenience. PayPal allows you to use your credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account. It is safe and reliable too. It also has a stringent screening process to allow merchants like us to use PayPal’s facilities. Rest assure you can trust in us delivering.

Can I pay by credit card?2017-02-03T23:22:08+08:00

Yes you can through the PayPal payment option when you CheckOut.

Do you send to Sabah & Sarawak?2017-02-03T23:22:40+08:00

Absolutely. Let us know the location you are at, and we will ship it for you. You can choose to collect it yourself at the nearest Port or delivered it to your door for a fee.

Can you do Suruhanjaya Tenaga application?2017-02-03T23:22:56+08:00

Yes we can if it is part of your requirement.

What Is A Home Generator?2017-02-03T23:23:12+08:00

A Home Generator is an electric generator that generates electricity specifically for a house. It is more appropriate for landed properties rather than high rise. Example of the types of homes are: terrace, semi-detached and detached (Bungalow) houses. Usually, the specially designed Home Gensets are able to turn on by itself whenever there is an electricity failure from the Mains Grid.

This is also known as blackouts at home. Whenever this happens, the generator would automatically kick in to provide electricity to your home so that you can go on your usual day to day life without interruption of power. And when power from the Mains Grid comes back, the generator should automatically shut itself and switch the electricity mode back to the grid. If the home generator is designed properly, it should not require human intervention.

Why Should I Need A Home Generator?2017-02-03T23:23:31+08:00

IMG_3241Imagine not having electricity supply at night in your home. How would your comfort level be, especially if you depend on air conditioning and fans? This will certainly be a problem to some people because you can no longer have internet access, Television will not be available and you can not do your own reading. A Home generator will ensure you have electricity during emergency times such as floods or mains failure caused by any disaster.

What Features Does A Home Generator Have?2017-02-03T23:23:47+08:00

A Home Generator usually comes with built in ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) which enables the generator to auto start itself whenever there is a blackout. In other words, a generator should have minimal intervention whenever there is an electricity blackout.

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