How to use the Generator Control Panel

Any sophisticated machine such as a genset would need an interface that allows the user to check its operations status and intervene when necessary. The  slowing down and speeding of a generator engine typically depend on many aspects such as the load requirement at a particular point of time. If more current is needed, the generator engine would rev higher in order to produce more current. In generators, these requests for increase or decrease in loads will produce a signal and these signals can be smartly processed to regulate the function of the engine. At this time and age, all the contemporary generators have sensors to detect adjustments of different parameters. These sensors will display its information to a Control Panel and it is from this control panel that you can adjust to some degree, how you would like the generator to behave.

What is a Control Panel?

100kVA Digital Control Panel

A control panel is a section that identifies the measurements of different parameters such as frequency, current being used, voltage, engine temperature, engine RPM and some can also display fuel level remaining . The newer control panel now displays the aforementioned information in a digital way through a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). This kind of control panel usually allows the user to start the engines through a push of a button rather than using the conventional turn key method. The older control panel however, has individual gauges for each parameter such as the frequency, voltage and current being used in an analogue meter each. It looks more complex compared to the newer lean and neat control panel which consist only of an electronic controller.

How does it work?

InteliLite Digital Control Panel
Digital Control Panel:

The digital control panel of a generator consist of electronic sensors and include a microprocessor. The microprocessor is able to read the input from sensors and provide a feedback response to the engine. Heat, lubricant oil pressure, underspeeding or overspeeding and identifying the temperature status are such type of inputs from the sensors. Based on the information gathered, the processor will take effective actions from the control panel to control the well being and purpose of the machine.

The control panel can be connected to an ATS to allow contuity of electricity to the user. The ATS will detect an outage of electricity supply when the grid fails. It will then provide a signal to the panel to start the engine. Based on this kind of generator, the control panel can activate spark plugs and start the engine using a computerized starter. When the generator reaches its optimum running speed, the starter motor will stop and allow the engine to run continuously by itself. If the mains electricity comes back on, the ATS will switch back to mains power and you will get back to your normal work without needing to know what caused the power failure. It makes the control panel with ATS function very practical in residences which often have electricity interruptions.


Customization of Control Panels

Customizing Control Panel

The modern digital control panel is made by specialists in automation and control. The good brands come from Europe and most recently, the Chinese manufacturers have also perfected their method of producing such controllers and are equally reliable. These days the control panel can be installed with add ons such as remote control (by using the internet to start/stop the generator), water temperature sensors, oil pressure sensors, start up & shut-down functionality and GPS location finder to make sure you can track the location of your generators. You will be able to customize the operating time as well.

Consequently, when you are buying a generator for a particular purpose, you must check out all of the specifications of the control panel and the features that are essential to meet your needs.

To make your life easier, our gensets all come with a reliable control panel whether it is the digital type or analogue. However, if you enquire from us, do state whether you prefer the digital type and we will recommend you the correct generator sets for your use. Contact us now!

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