Have You Thought Of The Losses If There Is An Electricity Blackout In Your Farm Or Premise?

1) Your Water Pumps Stop Running. Fish may die. Animals may die.
2) Air conditioning stops working. No lights. No comfort.
3) Business cannot run because computers are not working.

Now you can go from worrying to owning a Generator which will protect you even in the worst conditions…

Storms, Blocked roads, Power cut. You will now be self sustainable when such time comes and you will be the only survivor….

if you have a Power Generator. Read more below…

Previous Customers Who Used Our Generators:

SPECIALLY For the FIRST 2 Buyers:-

FREE High Pressure Water Jet (Worth RM650)

i) POWERFUL MOTOR: Powerful 1800 Watt motor generates up to 140 BAR pressure for MAXIMUM cleaning power

ii) VERSATILE: Tackle a variety of cleaning tasks: homes, buildings, RV’s, cars, trucks, boats, decks, driveways, patios, lawn equipment, and more.

iii) TSS (Total Stop System): Automatically shuts off pump when trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life.

iv) FlexiSpray Adjustable Nozzle – Tackle light, medium and heavy duty cleaning tasks.

ON TOP OF THAT: For ALL the buyers:-

i) HIGH QUALITY Solar Lamp for Outdoor (Worth RM1250)

ii) 1 Set of Maintenance Filter Set (Worth RM270)

iii) 1 Bottle Fuel Additive (Worth RM250)

iv) XiaoMi Power Bank (Worth RM100)

v) Loyalty Points on the MGM App for more rebates.


NOW, we give all these for FREE to all the buyers! This is on top of the RM650 of the High Pressure Jet Wash for fast buyers. So Hurry!


Who are we?

How this genset can help in your business?

We are from Mega Genset Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Generators designed in Malaysia. In-house.

Do you want to know how this genset can help in your business? 

This genset is known as 100kVA MGM Generator Mark 12. This genset has some benefits:

1) Auto start when the main power fails.
2) Auto stop when the main power returns.
3) Can set a timer to turn on or off the generator, if needed.
4) There is generator controller inside the generator.
5) Can upgrade the technical features such as using Mobile Apps for control the generator.

How much is 100kVA MGM Generator Mark 12?

ONLY RM59K for New Unit of 100kVA!

The FIRST 2 buyers will get a FAST ACTION BONUS:- 

  • High Pressure Water Jet (Worth RM 650)

Other than that, ALL the buyers will get:-

  • Outdoor Solar Lamp (Worth RM 1250)

  • 1 set of Maintenance Filter (Worth RM 270)

  • 1 bottle of Fuel Additive (Worth RM250)

  • Surprise Bonus (Worth RM100)

Get 100kVA only RM59k (Not included transportation)

With price RM59K, You will get FREE GIFTS worth RM2500++

HOW you can get the genset with lower price together with the free gifts which worth RM2520?

Easy Only.

Our Principle? First come, first serve.

Who faster, he will get More Gifts, and More Bonus.



You Will Get:

  • FIRST 2 buyers will get:-
        • FREE High Pressure Water Jet (Worth RM650)
  • ALL buyers will get:-
        • FREE Outdoor Solar Lamp (Worth RM1250),
        • FREE 1 bottle of Fuel Additive (Worth RM250),
        • FREE Genset Maintenance Filter Set (Worth RM270)
        • FREE Surprise Bonus (Worth RM100)
  • Transportation fee is not included.
  • Full Automatic Backup System (ATS) is Optional for additional RM5,000.
  • Special optional for this model is WITH TRAILER.

Register NOW, be the FISRT buyer!

Factory Sale will be launched at 22th April 2021 (Thursday)

From 3PM to 6PM.