NOW AVAILABLE: 13kVA Endress Generator!


Do you need power but only have limited space? Our new premium 13kVA Generator  can solve your backup or prime power woes!

It can be used as an office backup generator (you need to purchase an add-on for backup which is easy to plug and play) or you can use it in construction sites for easy power.


This generator is suitable for:

  • Construction Site areas – Where you have water pumps, machineries, grinders, Steel Cutters and other equipments.
  • Office backup power for server rooms.
  • Rural areas in the jungle
  • Small homes
  • Workshop at your backyard home – If you don’t want to do wiring from your house to your workshop outside, get this generator so that you have mobile power.
  • Reefer Container Trucks – It can be placed behind Prime Movers or lorries so that you have mobile power for your reefer container or equipments.
  • Bitcoin Mining Power – For off grid sites that do not have TNB Power supply or Mains power supply to do your bitcoin mining.


What are you waiting for? Buy It Now! Limited Stocks Only.

You can  visit the official website of this generator at: