7/7 Flash Sales is happening right now! 7/7/20 until 9/7/20

7/7 Flash Sales is happening right now! 7/7/20 until 9/7/20


Early Bird Rewards (FIRST 3  PURCHASERS)

First 3 and first 5 customers who purchase 15KVA Generator will get a total worth of RM700 Early Bird Rewards

1 unit EV Pad TV Box for the first 3 customers

1 box face mask (50pc) for the first 5 customers


Free Gifts and Bonus that Worth Up To RM4450 For Every Purchase of 15KVA Generator



-1 set of Maintenance Filters  (Worth RM350)

-On-site Training on How to Run & Maintain Generator (Worth RM2500)

-Lubricant Oil Sensor (Worth RM500)

-Offline Battery Charger (Worth RM850)

-Generator Running Light (Worth RM250)


Mystery Prize That Are WAITING For You!

Mystery Prize Will be Given For Every Purchase  

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Rust Resistant

Generator built with high quality of sand blasted steel plate that can prevent rusted, it suitable for outdoor and indoor

Weatherproof materials

Sand blasted steel plate, stainless steel door hint and door opener allow generator to endure the changing weather.

Built in 3 phase sockets

Generator comes with 2 unit of 3 phase sockets that allow for convenient plug and use feature

Water resistant sockets

The socket is protected by a plastic cover and can be water resistant

Built in Single Phase Socket

Generator comes with a single phase socket that designed for convenient plug and play feature

Water resistant socket

The single phase socket is protected by a plastic cover for water resistant purpose

Silent Enclosure Type

Silent Enclosure Type Generator built with soundproof materials that only produce 75dBA noise in 5 meters

H Insulation Class

High insulation grade of silent enclosure type generator that suitable for home and small office use

SmartGen Controller

Fully automated generator that will shut down automatically when detect hazard, it designed for safety purpose

Advance smart controller

Automated smartgen controller will detect any of over voltage or over current issues  therefore to shut down the genset

Emergency Stop Button

Generator come with a dedicated emergency button that can cut off the power immediately

For safety purpose

The dedicated emergency button that allow the user to shut down the generator immediate when danger situation occur such as machine failure

Optional Add-ons


What a 15KVA Generator Can Do?

15kVA generator can output a total of 45 amperes for single phase and 15 amperes for 3 phase. The built in fuel tank can last longer for 8 to 12 hours of operation. With silent enclosure design, it produced low noise while the generator is running, therefore it suitable for home and small office use.

Home Backup Generator

15kVA generator is enough to supply for a house necessity appliances

Includes of 3x 1HP Air-conditional, 1x fridge, 1x freezer, 1x fan, 1x LED TV, 10x LED lighting running at the same time

Our prominent past customers

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Regular Price RM22,000

Promotion Price RM20,000 + FREE GIFTS & REWARDS Up To RM5,000

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