15kVA MGM Generator Set – What It Does & Why You Should Get It

When you see the word MGM, it is our trademark name. It represents a whole array of features which ordinary generating sets do not have. It comes fully equipped with backup systems that will transform the way generators run forever. To put it simply, our MGM Generators can be used as a backup generator or a daily use type of generator. It comes with many features such as the Automatic Switch On feature during blackouts, it can be scheduled to test run by itself weekly to ensure it works, it can be switched on during certain times of the day to reduce human intervention and more.

Some of the applications that should be paired with this generator are such as Restaurant backup generator, shop lot generator or generator for cabins.

Check out the main features of this 15kVA MGM Generator below:

15kVA MGM Generator

Beautifully Designed

The 15kVA MGM Generator is small in size but carries lots of power in it. Despite its dimensions, it still packs the usual 32 Amps 3-phase sockets and the single phase socket together with the Automatic Switch On feature in it.

Fuel Point

Quick & Safe Refuel

When we design the 15kVA MGM, we wanted to make sure our customers are covered at every angle. From the computer systems right up to the refilling cap, we want to make it simple, practical and safe. The fuel cap is rust resistant and is fitted with a fuel locking mechanism which prevents diesel theft. It is also conveniently located so you can access it without needing to open the generator side doors which can be an extra step and hassle.

Deep Sea Electronics


We don’t compromise in electronics, sensors and computer systems. We use the famously branded Deep Sea Electronics. It is an english brand (Made in UK) and is highly reliable. It takes care of the generator and tells you whenever something is amiss in the genset so that you do not have to worry about it.

Grounding Rod

Earthing Safety

While the 15kVA MGM Generator has a whole load of features and capabilities built onto it, we also do not want to compromise on safety. Hence we revolutionized the Malaysian Genset industry by introducing the Grounding Rod. We made sure each 3-phase MGM Generator come with this rod eventhough it adds on to our own cost. This is a convenient feature for our treasured customer to ensure the circuit will trip when there is a fault.

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'The 15kVA MGM Generator has allowed me and my wife to enjoy air conditioning despite the frequent electricity blackouts due to the electricity shut down from the construction site that is in front of my place.'

- TK Loo. Resident of a house in Sunway area, Petaling Jaya.
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To provide safe and easy electricity supply to our customers. Running a generator and owning one should be easy and affordable. We are here to bridge this gap. When you buy from us, we will take care of you because our new MGM Generators come with a 1 year warranty or 1200 hours, whichever come first.
1 year or 1200 hours, whichever come first. You can also send back the generator to our shop for repairs.
Automatic Switch On During electricity blackout. This 15kVA MGM Generator can be connected to the grid (TNB) and to your main distribution switch board so it will turn on itself and changeover during blackouts.
Automatic Voltage Regulator. It stabilizes the voltage at 415V for 3 phase and 240V for single phase. It will automatically shut down itself if the parameters run far apart.

Automatic Engine Overspeed Shutdown. It will shut down the generator when the engine is overspeeding.